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Amber timeline. v.3. Last update 1987

[This file is from the Sf-Lovers Archives at Rutgers University. It is provided as part of a free service in connection with distribution of Sf-Lovers Digest. This file is currently maintained by the moderator of the Digest. It may be freely copied or redistributed in whole or in part as long as this notice remains intact. If you would like to know more about Sf-Lovers Digest, send mail to SF-LOVERS-REQUEST@RUTGERS.EDU.] TIMELINE III Here is the third version of the Timeline of Amber, I update it and post every time a new book comes out (or at least, that is what seems to be happening). As always, comments are appreciated. Kevin Knight knight@f.gp.cs.cmu.edu PS. Many dates on the timeline come from inference and calculation. Some are approximate. - Last updated October 19, 1987 - Edited by Saul Jaffe (moderator, Sf-Lovers) *** Obviously, there are major SPOILERS here ***

The beginning

Oberon is born to the Unicorn (father is Dworkin) Dworkin flees from Chaos to a small sudden island Dworkin meditates upon the abyss The Jewel is revealed to Dworkin by the Unicorn Dworkin creates Amber out of Chaos Oberon marries Cymnea -3000y Benedict, Osric, Finndo, born to Cymnea (father is Oberon) Dworkin begins to fashion the family Trumps Eric born to Faiella (father is Oberon) Oberon dissolves marriage to Cymnea Oberon marries Faiella (father is Oberon) Osric kills three of the House of Karm in a vendetta Oberon acquits Osric at a hearing, though he is friendly with Karm Oberon sends Osric to front lines in a nasty war Osric dies Finndo dies, purportedly in the service of Amber Corwin, Caine born to Faiella (father is Oberon) Faiella dies giving birth to Deirdre (father is Oberon) Oberon marries Clarissa Fiona, Bleys born to Clarissa (father is Oberon) Llewella born to ? (father is Oberon) Oberon divorces Clarissa Oberon recognizes Llewella as legitimate Brand born to Clarissa (father is Oberon) Flora born to ? (father is Oberon) Julian, Gerard born to Rilga (father is Oberon) Sand, Delwin born to Harla (father is Oberon) Random born to ? (father is Oberon) Mandor born to ? (father is Sawall) Jurt born to Dara (father is Sawall) Despil born to Dara (father is Sawall) Coral born to ? of Begma (father is Oberon) -187y Sand and Delwin depart from Amber

The old days

Deela the Desacratrix burns Unicorn shrines at Begma Oberon defeats Deela, takes her prisoner, rapes her Deela escapes Dalt born to Deela (father is Oberon) Deela begins to raid once more around Begma Oberon sends Bleys to defeat and kill Deela Corwin and Bleys strand Random on an island Random puts a spike in Corwin's boot Brand, Bleys, and Fiona study with Dworkin Kashfa and Begma clash over Eregnor Corwin rules over Avalon Random goes to Rebma and elopes with Morganthe Martin born to Morganthe (father is Random) Random banished from Rebma Martin walks Pattern, leaves Rebma Corwin gulls Caine Corwin beats Julian at his favorite game -160y Moonriders out of Ghenesh attack Amber Benedict holds the pass above Arden against the Moonriders Dark things out of Shadow attack at Jones Falls Brand has argument with Corwin Corwin and Eric fight while hunting in the Forest of Arden

Before the chronicles

-156y Corwin exiled by Eric after their fight Brand and Gerard search for Corwin in many shadows Tomb built for Corwin, assumed dead Benedict leaves Amber for Avalon -74y Flora goes to Shadow Earth -72y Flora first spots Corwin on Shadow Earth Dworkin tells Oberon how to destroy the Pattern Oberon imprisons Dworkin Brand, Bleys, and Fiona form cabal Oberon gets mad with Eric and glorifies Corwin over dinner Brand allies with powers from Chaos and learns how to destroy Pattern -65y Brand asks Llewella and Random about Martin -22y Jasra becomes consort to King Menillan of Kashfa King Menillan dies Jasra organizes coup headed by Jasrick and Kasman Jasra and Brand meet over magical operation, secretly marry Brand leaves Kashfa Rinaldo born to Jasra (father is Brand) Jasra has Jasrick killed Jasra leaves for the Keep of the Four Worlds Rinaldo is left in charge of Kashfa Jasra stays in the Keep, trying to win over Sharu Garrul Rinaldo takes Dalt to walk the Pattern at Tir-na Nog'th Rinaldo worries about Jasra, attack the Keep with Dalt Jasra beats Sharu in a sorcerous duel, pays off Dalt Kasman takes over in Kashfa Kasman attacks the Keep in order to eliminate Jasra and Rinaldo Rinaldo leaves the Keep Brand takes Rinaldo to walk the Pattern at Tir-na Nog'th Brand initiates himself into the Fount of Power at the Keep Dalt attacks the Keep on his own Rinaldo takes Dalt to walk the Pattern at Tir-na Nog'th Dalt attacks Amber, fails, is wounded by Benedict -2y Random goes to Texorami Brand paints a trump of Martin -1y9m Brand finds Martin and stabs him over the Pattern Brand, Bleys, and Fiona involve Benedict with the hellmaids Oberon is lured away by Brand, Bleys, and Fiona -1y6m Oberon is imprisoned in the Courts of Chaos -3m Bleys and Eric argue over the throne; Bleys leaves Amber Eric seizes control of Amber Bleys builds military strike force Brand tries to win Caine over to the cabal, fails Eric-Caine-Julian alliance formed Brand sees Corwin in Tir-na Nog'th Brand sees Corwin is Eric's mind Brand under surveillance by Eric in Amber Bleys and Fiona split with Brand Corwin begins to regain memory -2d Brand escapes Amber, puts Corwin in Porter Sanitarium Brand recaptured by Eric Corwin escapes from Porter 0 Brand escapes again, shoots Corwin's tires out Eric puts Corwin in Greenwood, under Flora's care Brand captured by Bleys and Fiona, put in Tower Brand calls Random for help Random attempts to save Brand, fails Julian contacts Random about the throne Random loses his Trumps

1. Nine princes in Amber

+6d Corwin escapes Greenwood, goes to Flora's house Corwin finds Flora's Trumps Flora attempts to return to Amber, fails Random arrives at Flora's house +7d Corwin and Random set out for Amber Corwin and Random take Julian prisoner in Arden, release him Corwin and Random save Deirdre, go to Rebma Random sentenced to marry Vialle +9d Corwin walks Pattern in Rebma Corwin transports himself to Amber Corwin and Eric fight Corwin goes to Bleys, encamped at Avernus Bleys and Corwin make alliance Corwin makes deals with Gerard and Caine to open the seas Corwin contacts Oberon and Brand by Trump, both weakly Corwin and Bleys build force, attack Amber, fail +96d Bleys falls off stairs, Corwin taken +100d Eric crowned Corwin blinded, imprisoned, fed by Lord Rein +4y10d Corwin escapes to Cabra with Dworkin's help Corwin stays with Jopin at the Lighthouse +4y100d Corwin resists Trump contact, decides to leave Cabra

2. The guns of Avalon

Corwin goes to Lorraine Corwin meets Lance, travels to the Keep of Ganelon Corwin meets Lorraine, the girl Someone attempts to contact Corwin once more Corwin and Ganelon defeat the Black Circle Corwin and Ganelon travel to Avalon Benedict romances Lintra, then kills her, losing an arm Benedict defeats the hellmaids Dara is born in Chaos (great-grandfather is Benedict) +5y90d Corwin and Ganelon meet Benedict +5y93d Corwin meets Dara Ganelon kills Benedict's servants +5y94d Corwin gets diamonds and gunpowder +5y95m Corwin and Ganelon leave Avalon, encounter Black Road Corwin saves girl from Black Road Benedict chases Corwin, fights, loses Corwin calls Gerard to help Benedict +5y129d Corwin gets guns on Earth Eric begins major battle with Black Road Corwin visits old house, reads Eric's message Ganelon and Corwin go to Riik to collect troops +5y150d Ganelon and Corwin march on Amber Dara arrives in Amber +5y156d Corwin wins battle at Amber Eric dies in battle Corwin and Random go to the Pattern Dara completes the Pattern Dara claims "Amber will be destroyed" Merlin born to Dara (father is Corwin) Merlin grows up in the Courts of Chaos

3. Sign of the unicorn

+5y162d Caine is found dead Random tells his story (of the Tower) to Corwin Corwin attunes to the Jewel Flora tells her story (of Eric, etc.) to Corwin Corwin visits his tomb with Ganelon +5y163d Corwin and Gerard fight, bury Caine, at the Grove of the Unicorn Corwin and Gerard see the Unicorn Brand is returned by united family effort Fiona stabs Brand Gerard takes care of Brand Caine stabs Corwin Corwin returns to Shadow Earth, stashes Jewel +5y164d Random brings Corwin back to Amber Corwin visits Brand Brand recovers well Corwin goes to Tir-na Nog'th, gets mechanical arm from Benedict +5y165d Corwin, Ganelon, and Random follow Unicorn to Primal Pattern

4. The hand of Oberon

Martin's Trump found in the Pattern Benedict and Random seek Martin Corwin talks to Vialle +5y167d Corwin goes to Dworkin's quarters Corwin trumps to the Courts of Chaos, kills rider, meets Merlin +5y175d Corwin returns via Gerard's Trump Corwin talks to Brand again Caine attacks Brand Ganelon tells Benedict about Dara Corwin and Benedict form alliance Gerard fights Corwin again, Ganelon intercedes Corwin talks to Julian Corwin returns to Earth to retrieve the Jewel, talks to Bill Roth Brand gets the Jewel first Corwin orders all the Patterns guarded Corwin talks to Fiona Brand show up at the Pattern in Amber, met by Gerard, flees Brand starts walking the Primal Pattern Corwin intercepts him, forces Brand to transport out Random finds Martin, who tells his story Brand goes to Tir-na Nog'th to walk Pattern there Benedict intercepts him, regains the Jewel, using mechanical arm Ganelon reveals himself as Oberon

5. The courts of Chaos

+5y178d Oberon takes command, gives separate orders to his children Brand draws Trumps for Sand and Delwin, who refuse to help him Replay of Tir-na Nog'th scene in Amber, Benedict loses arm Corwin talks to Dara, learns of Merlin Corwin tries to repair the Pattern himself and is stopped by Oberon Corwin talks to Oberon Oberon orders everyone to attack Chaos Corwin begins his hellride Oberon starts walking the Pattern to repair it Oberon sends the Jewel to Corwin via the bird Brand's first contact with Corwin ("Dad failed") Corwin hides in cave, meets man with scripture Corwin almost lured by dwarves and by Lady Brand's second contact with Corwin (appears with crossbow, loses eye) Corwin meets Ygg, Hugi, and the Jackal Corwin inscribes a new Pattern Brand's third contact with Corwin (grabs the Jewel) Corwin and Brand both transport to Chaos Corwin kills Duke Borel of Chaos Battle of Chaos Oberon's message in the sky Brand killed by Caine's crossbow, drags Deirdre over the cliff Family reunites after the battle Oberon's funeral Merlin appears Random made King of Amber by the Unicorn Corwin attunes Random to the Jewel Random diverts the Wave of Chaos +5y6m Corwin tells his story to Merlin Rinaldo hears of his father Brand's death, on April 30

6. Trumps of doom

+5y6m Merlin goes to Shadow Earth, studies computer science in college Fiona takes Merlin to see Corwin's pattern Bill Roth works up Patternfall Treaty between Random and Swayvil Merlin meets Luke (Rinaldo) in college Merlin takes his girlfriend Julia through Shadow Rinaldo attempts to kill Merlin on April 30 Rinaldo tries again the next year, and the next Rinaldo breaks off the attempts on Merlin's life; Jasra continues them +9y6m Merlin and Rinaldo graduate and join Grand Design Merlin begins building Ghostwheel Merlin breaks up with Julia Jasra attempts to kill Merlin, making a total of seven tries +13y6m Merlin quits Grand Design, talks to Rinaldo about it Julia is killed by a dog-beast from Shadow Merlin goes to Julia's place, finds her dead, kills the beast Merlin finds the Trumps of Doom Merlin visits Rick Kinsky, Julia's old boyfriend Merlin visits Victor Melman, kills him in self-defense Jasra arrives at Melman's place, bites Merlin Merlin trumps off to the Sphinx, escapes Dalt gets ammo from Melman's building, burns it Merlin returns to Melman's building, finds a shotgun shell Caine murdered by Rinaldo, Bleys wounded by Rinaldo Merlin goes to Rinaldo's hotel, gets ring Merlin checks into Hilton in Santa Fe Merlin meets up with Rinaldo Dan Martinez talks to Merlin Merlin removes ring Rinaldo and Merlin drive into the country Rinaldo kills Martinez Merlin goes to Bill Roth Merlin meets George Hansen Merlin and Bill Roth go to Amber Random discovers that the shotgun shells explode in Amber Merlin talks to Fiona and goes back to a bar on Earth Merlin meets Meg Devlin and goes to her apartment Caine's funeral Rinaldo attempts to bomb the Amberites, fails Merlin tells Random about Ghostwheel, is told to shut it down Merlin tries to reach Ghostwheel, but is told to go back Merlin meets a lady in Shadow Merlin meets Rinaldo in Shadow Rinaldo imprisons Merlin in a crystal cave

7. Blood of Amber

Merlin is locked in the crystal cave for over a month Merlin rigs a booby trap and escapes Merlin meets up with Jasra, immobilizes her, trumps to Flora on Earth Rinaldo grabs Jasra away from Merlin Flora tells Merlin about Jasra, Kashfa Merlin tells Flora about Rinaldo Merlin tries to call Meg Devlin and George Hansen, fails Mask contacts Merlin Flora and Merlin go to Julia's place Merlin goes through trap door at Julia's place Merlin runs into Scrof, defeats him Rinaldo hires Dalt to attack the Keep with him Merlin goes to the Keep of the Four Worlds, meets the hermit Dave Dave tells Merlin about Sharu, Dalt, Kashfa, Jasra, Rinaldo, Brand Merlin tries to move closer to the Keep, is stopped by Mask Merlin trumps to Amber Dalt intentionally wounds Rinaldo in battle at the Keep Random tells Merlin about Dalt and Deela Merlin goes to Bloody Bill's for seafood Merlin meets Old John, the King's emissary Merlin leaves, gets attacked, saved by Vinta Bayle Merlin and Vinta go to Arbor House, where they trade information Ghostwheel contacts Merlin Rinaldo calls Merlin, trumps in Merlin calls Dalt, Dalt shows aggression, Merlin hangs up Rinaldo asks Merlin to help rescue Jasra Merlin takes Rinaldo to crystal cave, negotiates deal Merlin returns to Arbor House briefly Merlin runs into a lop-eared wolf, which tries to kill him and escapes Merlin returns to Amber, talks to Bill Roth Merlin goes to Corwin's tomb Merlin goes to the Pattern, walks it, trumps to the Keep Merlin finds Jasra frozen Mask appears, has duel with Merlin Merlin trumps back to Amber with Jasra Rinaldo contacts Merlin Merlin goes into the main hall Benedict and Random enter the main hall Rinaldo tells all about Dalt's plan to attack Amber with riflemen Merlin walks into a huge trump of himself, disappears into Wonderland

8. Sign of Chaos

Jaston, Ruler of Kashfa, falls off balcony, dies Random goes to Kashfa to put Arkans on the throne Random promises Eregnor (territory between Kashfa and Begma) to Arkans Merlin and Rinaldo experience LSD in Shadow Wonderland Fire Angel sets upon Merlin Fire Angel is defeated by Merlin and the Jabberwock Merlin calls Mandor, they talk Fiona calls, comes through to Merlin Tornado in Shadow Merlin, Mandor, and Fiona talk about Corwin's Pattern Mandor and Fiona team up to find cause of Shadow storms Merlin returns to Amber, talks to Llewella and Vialle Begma delegation arrives (Orkuz, Nayda, Coral) Coral and Merlin walk Jurt attacks Merlin in the caves, fails, retrieved by Mask Jurt returns to the Keep to be initiated into the Fount of Power Merlin takes Coral to the Pattern below Amber Coral walks the Pattern, asks it to transport her somewhere Martin goes punk Fiona and Mandor call Merlin, warn him about Ghostwheel Rinaldo calls Merlin, they plan attack on the Keep Nayda and Merlin talk Ghostwheel calls Merlin, warns him about Fiona and Mandor Merlin tells Ghostwheel about the attack on the Keep Mandor calls, Merlin cuts him off Merlin talks to Bill Roth Merlin talks briefly with Benedict Merlin attends state dinner with Llewella, Vialle, Bill, Begmans Dalt arrives with a small army, demands Rinaldo and Jasra Merlin is called to speak with Vialle about Dalt Merlin brings Rinaldo through, they go to Julian in Arden Rinaldo duels with Dalt, loses, is taken prisoner Dalt's army retreats Merlin returns to Amber Merlin talks to Nayda in his room Merlin creates Trump for Coral, reaches her briefly Merlin attempts to reach Rinaldo, is blocked Merlin realizes that Nayda is the Guardian, and he calls Mandor Mandor binds the Guardian, who is a ty'iga demon Merlin frees Jasra Ty'iga can't tell Merlin who sent it, tells Mandor Mandor refuses to tell Merlin Merlin goes to Corwin's room Jasra agrees to attack the Keep with Merlin Ghostwheel takes Merlin, Jasra, Mandor to Keep Merlin, Jasra, Mandor find Jurt and Mask All five fight a battle of wizardry Mask is injured Sharu Garrul is freed Mandor destroys the Fount Mask is Julia

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