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Zelazny, Roger [C] == Story Collection. [CB] == Chapbook (a very short book, or pamphlet). [O] == Omnibus. Includes other books. [= ...] == Also known by this other title. Zelazny, Roger (Joseph) (U.S.A., 5/13/1937- ) G, F (awards: Balrog 1980, 1984; Hugo 1966, 1968, 1976, 1982, 1986, 1987; Locus 1984, 1986; Nebula 1965 (2), 1975; Prix Apollo 1972; Seiun 1984) (GoH World SF Con 1974) (pseudonym: Harrison Denmark) Series Changeling Changeling (1980) Madwand (1981) [O/2N= Wizard World (1989)] The Chronicles of Amber The Chronicles of Amber Pentalogy Nine Princes in Amber (1970) The Guns of Avalon (1972) [O/2N= The Chronicles of Amber I (1979)] Sign of the Unicorn (1975) The Hand of Oberon (1976) The Courts of Chaos (1978) [O/3N= The Chronicles of Amber II (1979)] Merlin Trumps of Doom (1985) [Locus] Blood of Amber (1986) Sign of Chaos (1987) Knight of Shadows (1989) Prince of Chaos (1991) Dilvish The Changing Land (1981)[Image] The Bells of Shoredan (1979) [CB] Dilvish the Damned (1982) [C] [inc. The Bells of Shoredan][Image] Francis Shadow Isle of the Dead (1969) [Prix Apollo][Image] To Die in Italbar (1973) Bridge of Ashes (1976) Creatures of Light and Darkness (1969) Damnation Alley (1969) [Image] A Dark Traveling (1987) [= A Dark Travelling] The Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth (1971) [C] [Image] "The Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth" (1991) [CB] [Pulphouse SS #13] Doorways in the Sand (1976) [Image] The Dream Master (1966) Eye of Cat (1982)[Image] For A Breath I Tarry (1980) [CB] Four for Tomorrow (1967) [C= A Rose for Ecclesiastes] [Image] Frost and Fire (1989) [C] [Image] Gone to Earth (1991) [C] [Author's Choice Monthly #27] "The Graveyard Heart" (1990) [Tor Double #24] "He Who Shapes" (1989) [Tor Double #12] Here Be There Dragons (1992) [YA] "Home is the Hangman" (1990) [Tor Double #21] [Image] The Illustrated Roger Zelazny (1978) [C] Jack of Shadows (1971) [Image] The Last Defender of Camelot (1980) [CB] The Last Defender of Camelot (1980) [rev. 1981] [C] Lord of Light (1967) [Hugo] My Name is Legion (1976) [C] [Image] A Night in the Lonesome October (1993) Poems (1974) [C/poetry] [CB] A Rhapsody in Amber (1981) [C] [CB] Roadmarks (1979) [Image][Image] This Immortal (1966) [= ...And Call Me Conrad] [Hugo] [Image][Image] To Spin is Miracle Cat (1981) [C/poetry] Today We Choose Faces (1973) Today We Choose Faces; Bridge of Ashes (1981) [O/2N] Unicorn Variations (1983) [C] [Balrog; Locus] [Image] Way Up High (1992) [YA] When Pussywillows Last in the Catyard Bloomed (1980) [C/poetry] with Philip K. Dick Deus Irae (1976)[Image] with Fred Saberhagen The Black Throne (1990) Coils (1980)[Image] with Robert Sheckley __________Series Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming (1991) If at Faust You Don't Succeed (1993) with Thomas T. Thomas Flare (1992) The Mask of Loki (1990) Edited Nebula Award Stories 3 (1968) Non-Genre Fiction with Gerald Hausman Wilderness (1994) Nonfiction with Neil Randall Roger Zelazny's Visual Guide to Castle Amber (1988)
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[-----------------------] Roger Zelazny's Magazine Appearances (sorted by date story appeared) [-----------------------] Check out my other lists concerning Roger: * Stories sorted by magazine * Stories sorted by title * Reference * Books * Books in comic book form * Poetry * Anthologies * Conventions at which he was a guest [-----------------------] 1953 8 Thurban n3 "Conditional Benefit (RZ's first published work)" 1954 10 Literary Cavalcade v7n1 "Mr. Fuller's Revolt" Eucuyo "And The Darkness Is Harsh" Eucuyo "Diet" Eucuyo "Mr. Fuller's Revolt" Eucuyo ""Slush, Slush, Slush" Eucuyo "Youth Eternal" 1958 4 Skyline "The Man without a Shadow" 4 Skyline "The Outward Sign" 1959 4 Skyline "Decade Plus One of Roses" 4 Skyline "Tryptych" Spring Polemic v4n1 ""Brahman Timurti, A Modern Hymn To The Trinity" 1962 8 Fantastic "Horseman! (second published story)" 8 Amazing "Passion Play" 10 Fantastic "The Teachers Rode a Wheel of Fire" 12 Amazing "Moonless in Byzantium" 1963 1 Fantastic "On the Road to Splenoba" 2 Fantastic "Final Dining" 3 Fantastic "Nine Starships Waiting" 3 Amazing "The Borgia Hand" "A Thing of Terrible Beauty 4 Fantastic (under ps. Harrison Denmark)" 4 Amazing "Circe Has Her Problem" 4 Fantastic "The Malatesta Collection" "The Stainless Steel Leech 4 Amazing (under ps. Harrison Denmark)" 5 Fantastic "Monologue for Two (under ps. Harrison Denmark)" 5 Fantastic "Threshold for the Prophet" 6 Fantastic "A Museum Piece" 8 Amazing "Mine is the Kingdom (under ps. Harrison Denmark)" "Questionnaire for 10 Double Bill n7 Professional Science Fiction Writers and Editors" 10 Fantastic "King Solomon's Ring" 10 Amazing "The Misfit" 11 Fantasy & Science Fiction "A Rose for Ecclesiastes" 12 Worlds of Tomorrow "The Great Slow Kings" 1964 3 Fantastic "The Graveyard Heart" 6 Double Bill n9 "Old Ohio Folkfrag" 6 Worlds of Tomorrow "Lucifer" 6 Galaxy "Collector's Fever" 7 Fantasy & Science Fiction "The Salvation of Faust" 9 Double Bill n10 "Somewhere a Piece of Colored Light" 9 Double Bill n10 "The New Pleasure" 9 Science Fiction Parade "Sundry Notes on Dybology and Suchlike" 12 Niekas n10 "Song of the Ring" 12 Galaxy "The Monster and the Maiden" 10//11 Double Bill n11 "Concert" 10//11 Double Bill n11 "The Night has Nine Hundred Ninety-Nine Eyes" 1965 1 Amazing "He Who Shapes pt1" 2 Amazing "He Who Shapes pt2" 2 Fantastic "Passage to Dilfor" 3 Fantasy & Science Fiction ""Door of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth" 5 Amra v2n34 "Unknown title" 6 Galaxy "Devil Car" 6 Fantasy & Science Fiction "Of Time and the Yan" 6 Amazing "The Furies" 6 Fantastic "Thelinde's Song" 7 Yandro n149 "Lamentation of the Prematurely Old Satyr" 9 Algol n10 "The Drawing" 10 Fantasy & Science Fiction "And Call Me Conrad pt1" 11 Fantasy & Science Fiction "And Call Me Conrad pt2" 11 Fantasy & Science Fiction "Synopsis of Part One" Spring Mercenary ""I, A Stranger and Revisited" "On the Return of the Summer Mercenary Mercurian Flamebird after Nesting" Kronos n2 "Testament" Kronos n2 "The Injured" 1966 1 New Worlds (British) n158 "Love is an Imaginary Number" 3 New Worlds (British) n160 "For A Breath I Tarry" 3 Fantastic "The Bells of Shoredan" 5 Tightbeam n37 ""Late, Late Show" 6 Niekas n16 "Day of Doom" 6 Fantasy & Science Fiction "This Moment of the Storm" 7 Wizard n2 "Cross Caribbean" 7 Nyarlathotep n3 "Unknown title" 8 New Worlds (British) n165 "The Keys to December" ""Lamentations of the Venusian Pensioner, Golden 9 Double Bill n15 Apples of the Sun Retirement Home, Earthcolony VI, P'deth, Venus"" 9 Double Bill n15 "The House of the Hanged Man" 9 Fantastic "For A Breath I Tarry" 10 New Worlds (British) n167 "Divine Madness" Spring Eridanus n2 "Cross Caribbean" ""The Search for the Historical Tricon Progress Report n1 L. Sprague de Camp, or, the Complete Dragon-catcher" The Most Thrilling "The Stainless Steel Leech Science Fiction Ever Toldn2 (under ps. Harrison Denmark)" Great Science Fiction Magazine n3 "Circe Has Her Problem" 1967 1 Galaxie (French) n33 "Unknown title" 3 If "The Mortal Mountain" 4 Fantasy & Science Fiction "Dawn" 5 Nyarlathotep n5 "De Gustibus" 6 Kallikanzaros n1 "Pattern in Rebma" 6 Fantasy & Science Fiction "Death and the Executioner" 6 Galaxy "The Man Who Loves the Faioli" 7 New Worlds (British) n173 "In the House of the Dead" 8 Infinite Fanac n9 "Pyramid" 8 Insight n9 "Unknown title" 8 Galaxy "Angel Dark Angel" 9 Kallikanzaros n2 "A Knight for Merytha" 9 Science Fiction Times n446 "On Writing and Stories" 10 New Worlds (British) n176 "The Last Inn on the Road" ""Sorry folks, I never 10 Hugin And Munin n3 could think up imaginative titles" 10 Galaxy "Damnation Alley" 11 Arioch! n1 "A Hand Across the Galaxy" 11 Galaxie (French) n43 "Unknown title" 12//1 Kallikanzaros n3 "Princes" 12//1 Kallikanzaros n3 "Shadows" Winter The Most Thrilling n7 "Moonless in Byzantium" Science Fiction Ever Told Sevagram (Italian) n1 "Unknown title" Yandro n166 "What is Left When the Soul is Sold" Tapeworm n5 "The Cat Licks Her Coat" Sirruish n5 "The Guest of Honor Speech: Ozarkon 2" Great Science Fiction Magazine n8 "Passion Play" 1968 1 If "He that Moves" 3 Trypod n2 "Morning with Music" 5 If "Dismal Light" 6 Collector's Bulletin n9 "Roger Zelazny - A Fanzine Bibliography" 7 Sirruish n7 "Dim" 7 Sirruish n7 "Moonsong" 8 Riverside Quarterly v3n3 "Cordwainer Smith" 8 If "Song of the Blue Baboon" 10 Galaxie (French) n53 "Unknown title" 11 If "Creatures of Light" 3//4 Double Bill n18 "There is Always a Poem" "Thoughts of the Jupiterian Frantifier Fish during the 'Night' Freeze at which time, unfortunately, 3//4 Kallikanzaros n4 consciousness is maintained by the fish, who are, also unfortunately, quite intelligent and sensitive creatures - Alas!"" Spring The Most Thrilling n8 "The Misfit" Science Fiction Ever Told Summer Great Science Fiction n11 "King Solomon's Ring" Magazine Summer No-Eyed Monster n14 "Re: A Rose for Ecclesiastes" Summer Odd Magazine n19 "Stowaway" Nozdrovia n1 "Heritage" Galaxis (Dutch) n4 "Unknown title" Urania (Italian) n492 "Unknown title" Anubis v1n3 "Corrida" 1969 1 If "The Steel General" 3 If "Creatures of Darkness" 4 Galaxie (French) n59 "Unknown title" 5 Mentat (German) n11 "Interview" 5 Mentat (German) n11 "Stowaway" 7 Cetacean n6 "Heritage" 7 Galaxie (French) n62 "Unknown title" 10 Fantasy & Science Fiction "Come To Me Not In Winter's White (with H. Ellison)" 12 Galaxie (French) n67 "Unknown title" 12 Galaxy "The Year of the Good Seed" 12 Knight "Unknown title" Spring Strange Fantasy n8 "Nine Starships Waiting" Summer Strange Fantasy n9 "Unknown title" 1970 1 Granfalloon n8 "My Lady of the Diodes" 6 Galaxie (French) n73 "Unknown title" 10 Urania (Italian) n551 "Unknown title" 11 Galaxie (French) n78 "Unknown title" 3//4 Nueva Dimension (Spanish)n14 "Unknown title" Fall Strange Fantasy n13 "Thelinde's Song" Winter Phantasmicon n2 "How About This? Roger Zelazny" Exile No "The Man at the Corner of Now and Forever" 1971 3 Urania (Italian) n561 "Unknown title" 4 Phantasmicon n5 "How About This? Roger Zelazny" 5 Nueva Dimension (Spanish)n22 "Cordwainer Smith" 5 The Writer "Unknown title" 7 Fantasy & Science Fiction "Jack of Shadows pt1" 8 Fantasy & Science Fiction "Jack of Shadows pt2" 11 Galaxie (French) n90 "Unknown title" 12 Nueva Dimension (Spanish)n27 "Unknown title" 1//3 The Dipple Chronicle n1 "Nuages" 4//6 The Dipple Chronicle n2 "Add Infinite Item" 4//6 The Dipple Chronicle n2 "Sun's Trophy Stirring" 4//6 The Dipple Chronicle n2 "Wriggle under George Washington Bridge" Spring Science Fiction Greats n21 "Unknown title" Official Organ of the "Alas! Alas! This Woeful Church of Starry Wisdom n1 Fate" Procrastination n9 "A Knight for Merytha" ""Thoughts of the Jupiterian Frantifier Fish during the 'Night' Freeze at which Procrastination n9 time, unfortunately, consciousness is maintained by the fish, who are, also unfortunately, quite intelligent and sensitive creatures - Alas!"" Marcon IV Program Booklet "Lester Del Rey: Toward a Sufficient Demonolatry" 1972 4 Galaxie (French) n95 "Rencontre Avec Roger Zelazny" 5 Galaxie (French) n96 "Unknown title" 6 Nova n1 "A Brief Interview with Roger Zelazny" 7 Galaxie (French) n98 "Unknown title" 7 Eternity - 1st v1n1 "Morning with Music" 10 The Most Thrilling "Unknown title" Science Fiction Ever Told 11 Phantasmicon n10 "Up against the wall (an interview)" 12 Luna Monthly n43 "An Interview with Roger Zelazny" Procrastination n10 "Moonsong" L'Aube Enclavee n4 "Unknown title" SFWA Bulletin n40 "$Legislation$" L'Aube Enclavee n5 "Unknown title" 1973 6 The (Baltimore Sunday) "The Genre: A Geological Sun Survey" 11 The Alien Critic/ Sciencen7 "Up against the wall (an Fiction Review interview)" Vector (British) n65 "Author's Choice" 1974 4 Thrust Science Fiction v2n3 "Roger interviews Fred Pohl" 5 Phantasmicon n11 "Three Newspaper Pieces" 5 Eternity - 1st v1n3 "A Knight for Merytha" 7 Analog "The Engine at Heartsprings Center" Eternity - 1st v1n4 "Moonsong" 1975 1 Galaxy "Sign of the Unicorn pt1" 2 Galaxy "Sign of the Unicorn pt2" 3 Galaxy "Sign of the Unicorn pt3" 4 Galaxy "The Game of Blood & Dust" 6 Analog "Doorways in the Sand pt1" 7 Analog "Doorways in the Sand pt2" 7 Galaxy "Some Science Fiction Parameters: A Biased View" 8 Analog "Doorways in the Sand pt3" 11 Analog "Home is the Hangman" Nine Princes in Amber n1 "Nine Princes in Amber" Sword and Sorcery Annual "Horseman!" 1976 7 Galaxy "The Hand of Oberon pt2" 9 Galaxy "The Hand of Oberon pt3" 12 Nova SF (Italian) n35 "Unknown title" ""Ideas, Digressions and Summer Insight Daydreams: The Amazing Science Fiction Machine" Summer Insight "Unknown title" 1977 1 Robot (Italian) n10 "Unknown title" 3 Robot (Italian) n12 "Intervista Con Roger Zelazny" 8 Galassia (Italian) n225 "Unknown title" 9 Heavy Metal "Is There a Demon Lover in the House?" 11 Galaxy "The Courts of Chaos pt1" 12//1 Galaxy "The Courts of Chaos pt2" Speculative Poetry Review/The Anthology of n1 "Faust Before Twelve" Speculative Poetry Speculative Poetry Review/The Anthology of n1 "Wriggle under George Speculative Poetry Washington Bridge " Procrastination n13 "Roger Zelazny Answers Questions" Speculative Poetry Review/The Anthology of n2 ""The Crooked Rose's Dream, Speculative Poetry Dumb-Sung Anatomie" Sirus (Yugoslavian) n? "Unknown title" 1978 1 Heavy Metal "A Rose for Ecclesiastes" 2 Galaxy "The Courts of Chaos pt3" 6 Haunted n3 "Diadoumenos of Polycletus" 6 Haunted n3 "St. Secaire's" 6 Science Fiction v1n2 "A Conversation with Roger (Australian) Zelazny" "I Used to Think in Lines 6 Science Fiction v1n2 that were Irregular to the (Australian) Right" 11 SF Commentary n54 "A Burnt-Out Case" (Australian) 12 Science Fiction v1n3 "The Doctrine of the (Australian) Perfect Lie" Jan/Feb Saturday Evening Post v249 "No Award" Nov/Dec Destinies v1n1 ""Stand Pat, Ruby Stone" Summer SFWA Bulletin n67 "The Parts that are Only Glimpsed: Three Reflexes" Winter Unearth v2n1 "Passion Play" Sirus (Yugoslavian) n16 "Unknown title" Speculative Poetry Review/The Anthology of n3 "Ducks" Speculative Poetry Hellride n3 "Great Amber Questionnaire" 1979 2 Empire Science Fiction n15 "The Parts that are Only Glimpsed: Three Reflexes" 5 Future Life n10 "Future Crime" 5 Fiction (French) n162 "Unknown title" 6 Fantascienza n2 "Unknown title" 6 Omni "Halfjack" 7 Fantastic Science Fictionn27 "A Museum Piece" 10 Whispers n13-14 "The White Beast" 12 Urania (Italian) n815 "Unknown title" 12 Harvey "A Very Good Year..." 10//12 Destinies v1n5 "Go Starless in the Night" Summer Sorcerer's Apprentice n3 "Garden of Blood" Winter Sorcerer's Apprentice n5 "The Passage to Dilfor" Asimov's SF Adventure Magazine n3 "Unknown title" Eternity - 2nd v1n1 "A Knight for Merytha" 1980 1 Perry Rhodan (German) "Unknown title" 4 SF...ere (Italian) n2 "Vampirobot (nee The Stainless Steel Leech)" 6 Aliens "Unknown title" 8 The Alien Critic/ Sciencen36 "Unknown title" Fiction Review Fall Sorcerer's Apprentice n8 "Unknown title" Spring/Summer Isaac Asimov's Science v3 "The Last Defender of Fiction Anthology Camelot" Science Fiction Review "#36," "Interview" Isaac Asimov Rivista (Italian) n3 "Unknown title" Eternity - 2nd v1n2 "Writing SF" 1981 3 Omni "The Last of the Wild Ones" 4 Isaac Asimov's Science "Unicorn Variation" Fiction Magazine 5 The Twilight Zone n2 "And I Only Am Escaped To Tell Thee" 7 Analog "Dance" 7 Amazing "The Naked Matador" 9 Amazing "Madwand" 7//8 Star Line v4n4 "Unknown title" Sorcerer's Apprentice n9-10 "Thelinde's Song" Eternity - 2nd "My Lady of the Diodes" 1982 9//10 Science Fiction Digest "Eye of Cat" 1983 1 Fantasy Newsletter Jan-83 "An Interview with Roger Zelazny" 1985 "Bulletin Symposium: The Winter SFWA Bulletin n90 Balance Between Art and Commerce" 1987 Summer SFWA Bulletin n93 "The Parts that are Only Glimpsed: Three Reflexes" 1992 August Amazing Stories "Come Back to the Killing Ground, Alice, My Love" 1994 10 Realms of Fantasy "The Shroudling and the Guisel" 1995 Summer SFWA Bulletin n127 "The Parts that are Only Glimpsed: Three Reflexes" 1996 Mar Ikarie "The Shroudling and the Guisel" Unknown year Amberzine #6 "The Salesman's Tale" Amberzine #8 "The Shroudling and the Guisel" Magazine of Horror n12 "But Not The Herald" Magazine of Horror n13 "Divine Madness" Magazine of Horror n14 "Comes Now The Power" Antaeus n25/26 "Some Science Fiction Parameters: A Biased View" Alternities n5 "Unknown title" Alternities n6 "A Very Good Year..." Alternities n6 "Nine Starships Waiting" Alternities n6 "Paranoid Game" Alternities n6 "Synopsis of Part One" Unknown "Hand of the Master" [-----------------------] If you've got more information on recent publications of Roger's work, tell me Has anyone seen my home page? 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"24 Views of Mount Fuji, by Hokusai"
1985, Davis
"The Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth"
1965 Novelette, Nebula
"Exeunt Omnes"
sh.st. 1980 After the Fall
"Fire and/or Ice"
sh.st. 1980 After the Fall
"For a Breath I Tarry"

"The Graveyard Heart"

"He Who Shapes"
novella 1965 Nebula (tie)
"Home is the Hangman"
novella 1976 nebula
"The Keys to December"

"This Moment of the Storm"
1966 F&SF
"This Mortal Mountain"

"A Rose for Ecclesiastes"
"A Very Good Year"
sh.st. 1980 After the Fall

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