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The Uncollected Stories of Roger Zelazny

Most of my info, especially on the older stories, comes from Theodore Krulik's biography on Zelazny. I found out about the newer stories either from people mailing me (Thank you!) or from Casey Bowen's page.

Amber Stories

I've heard of four new stories written by Zelazny in his Amber universe:
  • "The Salesman's Tale" (Amberzine #6, by Phage Press)
  • "The Shroudling and the Guisel" (Realms of Fantasy, October, 1994) and (Amberzine # 8, by Phage Press)
  • "Coming to a Cord"
  • "Blue Horse, Dancing Mountains" (Wheel of Fortune, edited by Roger Zelazny)
  • "Hall of Mirrors" (Castle Fantastic, edited by John DeChanice and Martin Greenberg)

Other Zelazny Stories


Note: this list of recent publications is far from complete. If you know of any I've missed, please share the wealth.

  • "Come Back to the Killing Ground, Alice, My Love" (Amazing Stories) (August 1992)
  • "Concerto for Siren and Seratonin" (Down and Dirty, the 5th volume of Wild Cards, a shared world edited by George Martin) (1988)
  • "Epithalamium" (Fantastic Alice, edited by Margaret Weis) (1996)
  • "Godson" (Black Thorn, White Rose)
  • "Itself Surprised" (Berserker Base, edited by Fred Saberhagen)
  • "Lady of Steel" (Chicks in Chainmail, edited by Esther Friesner) (1995)
  • "The Long Crawl of Hugh Glass" (Superheroes, edited by John Varley) (1995)
  • "The Long Sleep" (Card Shark, the 13th volume of Wild Cards)
  • "The Sleeper" (Wild Cards, the 1st volume of the series) (1986)
  • "The Three Descents of Jeremy Baker" (Year's Best SF, edited by David Hartwell) (1996)

Older (pre-1972)

  • "Alas! Alas! This Woeful Fate." (Official Organ of the Church of Starry Wisdom, fanzine #1) (1971)
  • "And the Darkness is Harsh" (Eucuyo, Euclid Ohio High School Literary Annual) (1954)
  • "The Borgia Hand" (Amazing) (March 1963)
  • "Circe Has Her Problems" (Amazing) (April 1963)
  • "Come to Me Not in Winter's White" (with Harlan Ellison) (Fantasy and Science Ficiton) (November 1969)
  • "Conditional Benefit" (Thurban, fanzine) (August 1953)
  • "The Drawing" (Algol) (September 1965)
  • "Final Dining" (Fantastic) (February 1963)
  • "He That Moves" (If) (January 1968)
  • "Heritage" (Nozdrovia, fanzine #1) (1968)
  • "The House of the Hanged-Man" (Double-Bill, fanzine #15) (1966)
  • "The Injured" (Kronos, fanzine #2) (1965)
  • "King Solomon's Ring" (Fantastic) (October 1963)
  • "The Malatesta Collection" (Fantastic) (April 1965)
  • "The Man at the Corner of Now and Forever" (Exile, fanzine #7) (1970)
  • "Mine Is the Kingdom" (Amazing) (August 1963)
  • "The Misfit" (Amazing) (October 1963)
  • "Monologue for Two" (Fantastic) (May 1963)
  • "Moonless in Byzantium" (Amazing) (December 1962)
  • "Mr. Fuller's Revolt" (Eucuyo) (1954)
  • "The New Pleasure" (Double-Bill, fanzine #10) (1964)
  • "Nine Starships Waiting" (Fantastic) (March 1963) and (Strange Fantasy) (#8, Spring 1969)
  • "Of Time and the Yan" (Fantasy & Science Fiction) (June 1965)
  • "On the Road to Splenoba" (Fantastic) (January 1963)
  • "The Outward Sign" (Skyline, Journal from the Cleveland College of Western Reserve University) (April 1958)
  • "The Salvation of Faust" (Fantasy & Science Fiction) (July 1964)
  • "Song of the Blue Baboon" (If) (August 1968)
  • "Stowaway" (Odd Magazine, #19) (summer 1968)
  • "The Teachers Rode a Wheel of Fire" (Fantastic) (October 1962)
  • "Threshold of the Prophet" (Fantastic) (May 1963)
  • "Youth Eternal" (Eucuyo) (1955)

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