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About the Author

Roger Zelazny was born in Ohio, began writing at age twelve, holds degrees from Western Reserve and Columbia, has been a professional writer since 1962, is married, and lives in New Mexico with his wife Judy, sons Devin and Trent, and daughter Shannon. He is the author of nineteen novels and four story collections. He is a three-time winner of the Science Fiction Achievement Award ("Hugo"), has received the Science Fiction Writers of America Nebula Award on three occasions, the French Prix Apollo once, and has one book chosen by the American Library Association as a Best Book for Young Adults. His works have been translated into twelve foreign languages and have been dramatized on stage, screen, and radio. Roger worked for seven years as a federal civil servant before quitting to write full-time. He is a past secretary-treasurer of the Science Fiction Writers of America. His best known books are probably Lord of Light, Doorways in the Sand, and the five-volume Amber series. He speaks often to campus audiences.
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Biographical Information


  • Here's a write-up of an interview with Zelazny, with some info about his life and some thoughts on his writing and books.
  • Alex Heatley conducted an interview with Zelazny in front of an audience and with Jane Linskold making occasional side comments. Here's the write up for Phlogiston, a small sci-fi fanzine.

Good-bye and hello, as always:

  • As you might know, Roger Zelazny died last summer, on June 14. The obiturary is here.
  • Here's a little more information about Zelazny's death, In Memorium.
  • A few postings of reactions to his death.



I know of only two biographies of Zelazny; Theodore Krulik's Roger Zelazny, and and Jane Lindskold's similarly titled Roger Zelazny. Krulik's has some biographical information, and a lot of critical review of Zelazny's works up through 1986, when the bio was published. If you can find a copy of the book, I'd reccommend getting it; it's interesting, and has been a big help in setting up this page. I haven't yet read Lindskold's book, but I'll comment on it once I have.


Zelazny was the 1994 ICFA Guest of Honor. The ICFA is the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts.

Zelazny's Works


Would anyone be interested in writing a series of short reviews/summaries of Zelazny's works? If so, drop me some mail.

The graphs come from... The Internet Top 100 SF/Fantasy List

This is a nifty little list maintained by Tristrom Cooke. You can rate books and see which come out on top. (Just go visit for more info, and throw in your votes for Zelazny's books while you're there.) I used the weekly top 100 list, along with the extended lists published every five weeks, to make graphs of the progress of Zelazny books. Eventually I'll have a comprehensive graph you can check out, but for now just the individual book charts are located in each book's page.

Key to awards:

  • "Z" ...one of Zelazny's personal favorites (as mentioned in interviews above)
  • "HW" ...a Hugo winning novel or a collection containing a Hugo winner.
  • "HN" ...a Hugo nominee.
  • "NW"...a Nebula Award winner.
  • "NN" ...a Nebula Award nominee.
  • "PA" ...a Prix Apollo winner.
  • "L" ...a Locus Award winner.
  • "B" ...a Balrog Award winner.

Zelazny's Novels

Important Note:

All book cover images are the property of the book publishers.

Other Zelazny Links


  • Here's a more complete list of Zelazny's books put together by John Wenn.
  • And a fairly complete, nice looking chronological bibliography of Zelazny's novels and novellas.
  • Scott Zrubek has compiled an incredibly comprehensive chart of Zelazny's magazine appearances, including short stories, essays, interviews, speeches, and so on.

    Zelazny Pages

  • Casey Bowen's page, with lots of Zelazny links; some already on this page, some not...
  • An incomplete Roger Zelazny page, with the text from several book covers to describe the books listed.
  • A Zelazny page, in French.


  • Here's a list of quotes from different Zelazny books. There's not much there now, but Silver promises to add more eventually.

    German Resource

  • A paragraph or so on Zelazny and his achievements, in German.


  • Information about Chronomaster, a computer game created by Roger Zelazny and Jane Lindskold.

Other Sci-fi Links

The list is here.

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