Andrey Zinchuk

(Translated by O. Zhivago)



Worldwide is a garbage dump.
How to clean this filthy sump?
How to cure this crazy world?
Our days are dark and cold.
Those who rule us are malicious
Caddish, impudent, suspicious
And to us they've always lied.
Never mind.
Our indifference and fears
Ruin up our souls and ears.
They can't hear very much,
Only "March!"
Folly laziness and lies,
Whim that nobody denies,
Cruelty is going fatter,
If there's somebody to flatter.
If there's somebody to lie,
Garbage dumps would never die.




The Pot's rattling. The Kitten, The the Little Carp, The Moth and the Fly alarmed.

EVERYBODY. What has happened? What has happened? What has happened here? Who is making these sounds?
THE POT. Horror, horror, disaster!
EVERYBODY. What's the matter? Quickly tell us about it! What's the matter? Quickly tell us! What? Would you tell us about it?
THE POT. Help! Help! We are lost!
EVERYBODY. Who is missing? Who is missing? One, two, three, four... The Boot is missing. Where is the Boot? We've lost The Boot. One, two, three, four... Where is The Smart Cat? We've lost The Smart Cat!
THE POT (keeps rattling). Quickly! Quickly! Come on! Help!
EVERYBODY. Help! And what has happened? What has happened?
THE POT. Is everybody here?
EVERYBODY. Everybody! Oh, no, not everybody! The Boot is missing, The Smart Cat is missing. Well, well, speak!
THE POT. Save yourselves!
EVERYBODY. Save yourselves! Save yourselves!
THE MOTH. But I can't save myself, I have no wings. Please, someone save me.
THE KITTEN. I don't know how to save myself. Please, someone teach me.
THE POT. The Smart Cat and The Boot must have already saved themselves. And we'll be lost here!
EVERYBODY. We'll be lost...
THE KITTEN. I don't know how to be lost. I'm so small. Please, someone teach me.
THE POT. Save yourselves!
EVERYBODY. Save yourselves, before it's too late.
THE KITTEN. You know, Fly, I want to learn quickly how to save myself?
THE LITTLE CARP and THE MOTH. So do we! So do we! We want to save ourselves too!
THE FLY. To save yourselves you have to do this way: don't care a bother about anything. You, Moth, don't care about The little Carp. And you, Kitten, don't care about the Moth.
THE KITTEN. I can't. Teach me!
THE FLY. Oh, it's very easy to do. You must tell the Moth that you are bored with him. Well, then!
THE KITTEN (To The Moth). I'm bored with you.
THE MOTH. Why are you bored with me, Kitten?
THE FLY. Don't you dare answer him! Go away from him! This is called saving oneself.
THE KITTEN. So easy? Then I'll hurry on... Oh!
THE OLD BOOT. Stop, Kitten. Where are you galloping to?
THE KITTEN. I'm saving myself. I can teach you how to do it. You, Boot, just tell me that you are bored with me. Now, then!
THE OLD BOOT. I'm bored with all of you.
THE POT. He doesn't understand. He doesn't want to save himself! He doesn't hear! Listen! Everybody, listen!
THE POT (stops ratting). (A rustle is heard.) Do you hear? Haven't told you? Now you can make sure! Save yourselves!
THE OLD BOOT. Whom from?
THE POT. From him, from this one. Just here.
THE KITTEN. Hey! Who is there?
THE MOTH. Is it silent?
THE LITTLE CARP. Isn't answering?
THE KITTEN. It is rustling.
EVERYBODY. It is rustling.
THE KITTEN. It's climbing out.
EVERYBODY. It's climbing out.
THE KITTEN. It's creeping up.
EVERYBODY. It's creeping up.
THE POT. I warned you! I warned you! I was the first to sound!
THE FLY. Now then... Let me listen... What could it be? One, two, three, four... Boot?.. No, The Boot is here. May be The Cat? Hey, Cat. Have you heard me? Ca-a-t! It's rustling. It's scratching.
THE KITTEN. The Smart Cat can't rustle. He growls and then at once rushes at you. Here it is something else. Let us do it this way: you all go away and I'll sneak up and catch it. I can do it, The Smart Cat taught me.
THE OLD BOOT. And if it goes all the way round and it catches you?
EVERYBODY. It will catch you! It will catch you!
THE LITTLE CARP. Let me listen too. Well then? Now it is scratching louder.
THE POT. Save yourselves!
THE OLD BOOT. But who would steal up on us from under the earth?
THE LITTLE CARP. May be this is... May be this is... a mountain growing!
EVERYBODY. A mountain!
THE LITTLE CARP. Oh, yes! Have you ever seen how the mountains grow? They simply grow up and that's all. When I was The Goldfish!..
EVERYBODY. Tell us, tell us, Little Carp, what are mountains?
THE LITTLE CARP. Mountains - it's something... it's something huge!
THE FLY. Don't listen to him, I've flow all over the world, I've been everywhere.
EVERYBODY. Tell us, tell us, have you even seen the mountains?
THE FLY. To be sure, there is no such thing as mountains in the world.
THE KITTEN. But something is scratching here?
EVERYBODY. And what in the whole world is there? Tell us, tell us!
THE LITTLE CARP. There is the sea.
EVERYBODY. The sea! Tell us, have you ever seen the sea?
THE FLY. The sea is something that doesn't exist either.
EVERYBODY. And what does exist in the world? Tell us!
THE FLY. Then listen... I've flown all over the world. I've been everywhere. There are only garbage dumps in the world. Big and small ones. I've flown all over the world. I've seen everything. Everything!
THE MOTH. Don't listen to her. It's not true! There are the mountains behind the thistles.
THE LITTLE CARP. There is the sea behind the thistles!
THE MOTH and THE LITTLE CARP. The world is quite quite different there behind the Thistles.
EVERYBODY. The world!
THE MOTH and THE LITTLE CARP. There, behind the thistles the life is different too.
THE FLY. Over there on that other garbage dump everything is just the same. Well, how about scratching?
THE KITTEN. It's very close.
THE LITTLE CARP. Here is a big mountain growing!
THE FLY. There is no such thing as mountain.
THE OLD BOOT. Yes. That's true. There were the mountains before, indeed. But now I won't find a thing like that.
EVERYBODY. Where are they?
THE OLD BOOT. They are worn out. Everything is worn out. Everything falls into decay. Everything gets older and goes to ruin.
THE MOTH. But there is the sun in the world.
THE OLD BOOT. It will be worn out too.
THE FLY. And there won't be any sun in the world!
THE LITTLE CARP. But the moon will remain.
THE POT. The moon! Why do you think it is better than me, the old pot? I used to be a shining star too when I was young. And now look at me?
THE OLD BOOT. And the moon will be worn out too.
THE POT. And the stars will be worn out.
THE FLY. And you know what'll be left? One big garbage dump.
THE POT and THE OLD BOOT. Which will be worn out too!
THE KITTEN. Look! Look! It's growing up! It's growing up!
THE LITTLE CARP. And I told you that it was the mountain!
THE FLY. Ha-ha-ha! It is so small! Smaller then The Kitten!
THE LITTLE CARP. But it'll rise soon.
THE FLY. It is such a charming green!
THE MOTH. Yes, it is still green. But then it becomes mature, and the show-white peak shows up, and the pine grove covers its slopes. And the sun rises and thaws the top, fast streams break into a run and form lakes and those in turn flow together into the blue of the sea.
THE LITTLE CARP. And then again I'll become The Goldfish. Oh, I already feel my fins growing! Look, Moth, have you noticed?
THE MOTH. And I'll be fluttering among slender pine trees and drinking the Alpine flowers' nectar. Look, Little Carp, I already feel my wings growing!
THE KITTEN. And me! And me too! Me too!
THE POT. It looks like they have stopped growing! They are so small!
THE OLD BOOT. I think, Little Carp, that there is no place for you to swim here!
THE LITTLE CARP. But it has already two little blue lakes!
THE POT. I think, Moth, there isn't any place for you to fly here...
THE MOTH. But on its summit I can already see a little Alpine flower blossoming.
THE FLY. I know what is it, I suppose. Surely it isn't a mountain. Because a mountain is something that you won't find anywhere. I have already seen it somewhere. Let me remember... On some other garbage dump. Yes. That's it. It looks like a flower. That's right, a flower.
THE FLY. Sometimes they happen on garbage dumps.
THE POT. Are they dangerous?
THE FLY. Oh, no. They are totally harmless. First they are yellow for some reason. You can see a cloud on its crown! Then - for some reason - they become white. And then die.
THE OLD BOOT. Oh yes, that's sure. I can remember too... A cloud, a cloud... Oh yes, they are useless, because they die rather quickly. Especially when you touch them or blow on them by chance.
THE POT. What a delicacy!
THE LITTLE CARP. So, I'll never swim in the blue sea?
THE MOTH. So, I'll never flutter among the high pine trees?
THE FLY. You can be certain now! I've flown all over the world, I've seen everything. The world is none other then the big garbage dump where sometimes a useless flower grows.
THE POT. What an uninteresting, boring fact!
THE MOTH. Well, I'm off. They say the winter will come some day. It's high time to build a cocoon.
THE OLD BOOT. Oh yes, that's sure. First comes the summer, then the autumn and then the winter is sure to come. It's high time to lace myself up.
THE LITTLE CARP. I will hide myself in the slime.
THE KITTEN. And I'll go somewhere and do something!
THE FLY. That's correct. You must leave it!
EVERYBODY. And we'll surely leave it!
THE KITTEN. But I don't know how to leave anyone...
THE FLY. Oh, it's so easy! It's quite like saving yourself. To leave you must just turn your back. And never run, but just go away slowly, without glancing back.
THE KITTEN. Aha, now I can do that! Soon I'll grow up and begin leaving everybody!
THE LITTLE CARP. Have you heard? May be it doesn't want to be left?
THE OLD BOOT. As for me, I've heard nothing...
THE MOTH. It is saying something!
THE POT. Probably he is saying something, but we don't hear anything. Is it true, Boot?
THE LITTLE CARP. Who are you?
THE LITTLE CARP. You see, he named himself. He has the name!
THE FLY. Ha-ha-ha! He is so stupid! He doesn't understand anything! He doesn't know where is he! He doesn't know what it is! Tis the World! Ha-ha-ha!
THE DANDELION. The world! I love the world!
THE FLY. He doesn't know yet that the world is the big garbage dump!
THE DANDELION. There is something that irritates my eyes...
THE FLY. Have you heard that? He doesn't feel yet! This is the light!
THE DANDELION. The light... I love the light!
THE FLY. Look at this fool! He doesn't how the sun can blind you.
THE DANDELION. Oh, what's happening to me? There is something moving inside me...
THE FLY. Ha-ha-ha! He still hasn't an idea! It is life!
THE DANDELION. Life!.. I love life so much!
THE FLY. He doesn't understand that he will die soon!
THE DANDELION. The world... light... life... I have light, the world and life. Seems I can understand it!
THE FLY. Poor thing! He is totally a beggar!
THE MOTH. And he hasn't any high pine-tree...
THE LITTLE CARP. Oh, yes, now I'm sure that he hasn't any blue lake!
THE MOTH. I've no where to flutter!
THE LITTLE CARP. I've no where to swim.
EVERYBODY. He has nothing. He is a beggar.
THE DANDELION. You have to fly? You need wings? Take my leaves. They will hold you in the air...
THE MOTH. Wings! I have new wings!
THE DANDELION. Take some of my golden hair. They will serve you for fins.
THE LITTLE CARP. Golden fins! I have golden fins!
THE MOTH. Look! Look! I'm rising! I'm flying!
EVERYBODY. Flying! Flying! What can you see there, Moth?
THE MOTH. The sun!
EVERYBODY. The sun! Rise higher. What more can you see?
THE MOTH. The world!
EVERYBODY. The world! What does it look like?
THE MOTH. It is wonderful!
EVERYBODY. Higher! Higher! What can you see behind the thistles?
THE MOTH. I can see... Ah! You are so small! Oh, no, I'm sinking. I have forgotten how to fly! I'm so excited!
THE LITTLE CARP. Here are my golden fins! I can make miracles!
EVERYBODY. Make a miracle, Moth!
THE LITTLE CARP. I want... want... No, I order! I order my fins to glare like the sun!
THE MOTH. Seems I'm rising once more! Oh yes, I'm flying!
THE LITTLE CARP. I command my fins to glare stronger than the Sun!
THE POT. I can glare too. I'm glaring!
THE OLD BOOT. That's great, splendid!
THE LITTLE CARP. What a filthy mess here!
THE MOTH. So much dust here!
THE OLD BOOT. So it looks like a garbage dump!
EVERYBODY. A garbage dump!
THE KITTEN (to The Dandelion). And for me! For me? Have you got something for me? Squandered everything? You, greedy-guts. Nothing is left for me!

Somebody growls, The Smart Cat.

THE SMART CAT. What kind of profit,of profit,

of profit,
Can I get here?
What kind of fun?
When the moon is shining
Or the sun
Or the sun
Or the sun...
Why are you so nervous,
What are you looking for?
You know Cat is coming
That's great misfor...
Silence! You fool, be carefu-u-l,
be carefu-u-l,

Can you deceive anyone?

THE KITTEN. Deceive! Neither can I!
THE SMART CAT. May be you can attack?
THE KITTEN. Attack! Tell me quickly how to attack!
THE SMART CAT. Or you can be a thief?
THE KITTEN. To be a thief! That's my dream to become a thief!
THE SMART CAT. Oh it's so easy. Well, then, everybody, come here. So do you, Moth. Well, come nearer. Now I'll show you something interesting. You must do this way... One, two, three... Finish!
THE MOTH. My new wings!
THE SMART CAT. Tearing your wings in pieces! That is what we call deception.
THE KITTEN. It is so easy to deceive!
THE SMART CAT. Now look! One, two, three... Done!
THE LITTLE CARP. My golden fins!
THE SMART CAT. Tearing your golden fins in pieces! That is what we call attacking!
THE KITTEN. Attacking is also very easy.
THE SMART CAT. Well. Attacking... deceiving... threatening. Threatening. Don't beg for fins and wings again! I'll take them away and tear them into pieces. Look, he - himself hasn't anything more. You wouldn't dare!

The Moth and The Little Carp disappear.

Deceiving... threatening... What else? Ah! To be a thief! (To The Dandelion) Let's do something else. I'll show you how to be a thief.
THE KITTEN. (To The Dandelion). Is it possible that you haven't anything more?
THE DANDELION. Would you like me to make you a present?..
THE KITTEN. Oh, that's great!
THE DANDELION. If I give you friendship?
THE KITTEN. Friendship? Oh! I see! Is it better than the golden fins and the new wings? Okay, let's. I'll take friendship. Let's see what kind of profit I can get here.
THE KITTEN. Give me!
THE KITTEN. Give, give! Throw it here!
THE DANDELION. Oh, no, friendship is something different. I can't give it to you this way.
THE SMART CAT. What did you say you have? Friendship? Does it mean that you don't want to give it on your own free will? Good, look, Kitten, now I'll steal the friendship. Well. You all go away! One, two, three... One, two, three...
THE KITTEN. It seems that you didn't succeed. Try once more.
THE SMART CAT. I'll get excited and I'll steal it. One, two, three... One, two, three... It means I'm not excited enough. Hey, Boot, step on my tail. Aha! Now I got excited indeed! Now look out! One, two, three!.. One, two, three...
THE OLD BOOT. I'm quitting.
THE POT. I'm saving myself.
THE FLY. Stop, Smart Cat!
THE SMART CAT. I can't stop. They excited me!
THE FLY. You dare, you risk hurting yourself.
THE SMART CAT. Let me hurt myself! There is nothing that can be done for me now!
THE FLY. Stop! You are trying to catch something that doesn't exist!
THE SMART CAT. What! What are you buzzing? I don't hear you! One, two, three...
THE FLY. But you can't steal something that doesn't exist!
THE SMART CAT. I can! Something you can give - you can also steal! Now I'll take it the same! It won't get away! Now I'll take it the same! It won't get away! I'll run it down! I'll deceive it! I'll catch it!
THE FLY. You should wait it appears.
THE SMART CAT. Who else must appear?
THE FLY. Friendship!
THE SMART CAT. What friendship?
THE FLY. Friendship that soon will appear between them!
THE SMART CAT. I can't understand it. What are you buzzing about?
THE FLY. What do you want to steal?
THE SMART CAT. Everything!
THE FLY. You are greedy!
THE SMART CAT. I'm excited!
THE FLY. Their friendship is still a very small one, that is why you can't catch it. It always falls through your claws.
THE SMART CAT. Ah, through my claws... I see...
THE FLY. Have some pity on yourself!
THE SMART CAT. Pity? On myself? I got excited by myself, and I'll calm down by myself. The Smart Cat is good, he is cunning, dexterous, cowardly. Calm yourself down, take off your claws, lower your tail, screw up your eyes, purr... All you are fools!
THE FLY. You have to be more cunning.
THE SMART CAT. I can't be more cunning than I am. Teach me.
THE FLY. Okay. But first let's overhear what they are talking about...
THE SMART CAT. I am an expert at eavesdropping!

The Kitten and The Dandelion.

THE KITTEN. I don't know how to be friends. Teach me.
THE DANDELION. To be friends? - You must stretch out your hand.
THE KITTEN. I only have a paw.
THE DANDELION. Give me your paw.
THE KITTEN. And what else?
THE DANDELION. Now you must say that yo-uu need me so-o much.
THE KITTEN. I need you so-o much, I need you so-o much. And what else? Well, then?
THE DANDELION. Now you give me your word of honour. Tell me that you will never leave me.
THE KITTEN. I will give it to you. I am able to leave. The Fly taught me. If you like. I can teach you too! You must turn your back on me. Well? You don't want to? Then I'll turn.
THE DANDELION. Where are you going to?
THE KITTEN. Now I must go and not glance back. Bye!
THE DANDELION. Farewell... Stop!
THE KITTEN. I can't stop. Farewell!
THE DANDELION. Doesn't it mean that if I suffer you won't come to save me? It's so strange... Well, Okay, bye!

Goes off.

THE FLY. They have parted. That's great! This means that it works! I know that friendship strengthens when apart. They say it becomes even stronger. What a pity! But those who make friends posses all the world. Oh, sorry, garbage dumps!
THE SMART CAT. Our garbage dumps!
THE FLY. Yes, those who are friends, can withstand all adversities!
THE SMART CAT. Our adversities!
THE FLY. They say, that friendship can destroy a lie!
THE FLY. Cowardice can be lost because of friendship!
THE SMART CAT. Our cowardice!
THE FLY. Indifference!
THE SMART CAT. Our Indifference!
THE FLY. Stupidity!
THE SMART CAT. Stupidity!
THE FLY. Flattery!
THE SMART CAT. Flattery!
THE FLY. Envy.
THE FLY. Selfishness.
THE SMART CAT. Selfishness.
THE SMART CAT. Selfishness! Oh, will selfishness be lost too? Well, I can't agree with you. Fly, bite my tail, try to tease me.
THE FLY. You'll do a lot of harm to yourself. You should be careful.
THE SMART CAT. I will be careful. I'm good at sneaking up.
THE FLY. You should be patient...
THE SMART CAT. I'm always very patient, while I'm waiting.
THE FLY. You should be more cunning!
THE SMART CAT. Oh, I'm cunning enough, you know.
THE FLY. Then... we'll wait! Let their friendship grow up and then...
THE SMART CAT. And then what?..
THE FLY. Then you'll seize it with all your paws.
THE FLY. Well, Smart Cat!
THE SMART CAT. They are all fools.
THE FLY. Ha-ha-ha!

Disappear. The Kitten.

THE KITTEN. I'll!.. I'll!.. I'll scamper about! I'll! I'll! I'll get worked up! I'll become playful! I'll! I'll! How dull it is... Oh! There's somebody here!

The Boot and The Pot.

THE OLD BOOT. Good evening!
THE POT. Good evening!
THE OLD BOOT. What I told you! Even the sun is worn out. Everything wears out...
THE POT. Fins...
THE OLD BOOT. Wings...
THE POT. Everything is worn out, everything is over.
THE OLD BOOT. How dark it is!
THE POT. Dark! What is it, there?
THE OLD BOOT. The moon has risen.
THE POT. It'll wear out by the morning.
THE OLD BOOT. It is not worth thinking about it. It will certainly be warn out.
THE POT. And stars will be worn out.
THE OLD BOOT. Only we won't be worn out.
THE POT. We'll remain.
THE POT. Yes...
THE OLD BOOT. See you soon!
THE POT. Let's meet in the morning, after the night is worn out.
THE OLD BOOT. In the morning, when the night is worn out.

They part.

THE KITTEN. They've gone away. And I'm alone! Oh, I feel upset! It is so boring. Who is here?

The Moth, The Little Carp.

THE LITTLE CARP. I've nearly become the Goldfish forever...
THE MOTH. And I've nearly become a Butterfly!..
THE LITTLE CARP. Now I've got only gold dreams, left for me...
THE MOTH. Sometimes I still fly in my dreams...
THE LITTLE CARP. I'll go and have my dream...
THE MOTH. I may fly over the thistles in my dream...

Go away. The Smart Cat.

THE SMART CAT. I can't get asleep. I'm fond of walking under the Moon! I'll tell you a secret: it's easier to steal something by moonlight. Because then you can see everything. I mean, one can see nothing. My only eye is shining brightly, isn't it? As if it were a green glow-worm! And my hair is so bright! My second eye was catapulted. What an eye it was! Much better than this one! They couldn't even be compared! How I could look at the world then! What a keen eye I had! And now... When one looks at the world with his only eye, everybody seems to be an enemy. I hear somebody approaching. Who is that? Oh, it's you!... And there's somebody else... I'm leaving!

leaves. The Fly.

THE FLY. How quiet it is! How silent! Everybody is sleeping. Everything is in order. The night moonlight is useful only to cats.

Leaves. The Kitten and The Dandelion.

THE KITTEN. Where did everybody hide from me? Hey! Is there anybody here? Hey! Here you are!
THE DANDELION. I'm sleeping. Children should go to bed at night.
THE KITTEN. But I am bored! Well... Listen... Look... the Moon is so bright!
THE DANDELION. Moon! (Opening slightly). I like looking at the Moon!
THE KITTEN. As for us, cats, it's the best time for walks.
THE DANDELION (half-open). Walks! I am fond of walks!
THE KITTEN. Well, get out!
THE KITTEN. Let's do something.
THE DANDELION (getting out). Let's do.
THE KITTEN. Let's admire the Moon!

They admire the Moon.

Well, we have admired enough. Let's do something else.
THE DANDELION. Let's listen .
THE KITTEN. Well, let's listen.

They listen.

We've listened. What else? Well, let's smell.
THE KITTEN. Neither can I. We Cats have a poor nose. We'd rather look.
THE DANDELION. How clever you are.

They look.

THE KITTEN. Well, What did you see?
THE KITTEN. And I saw you. It's Wonderful. Let's continue looking.

They look.

What else did you see?
THE KITTEN. Oh, so did I! Well, wait a minute. I've already seen it before. When we were admiring it. And you?
THE DANDELION. I had seen it before too. Do you know, what we are doing now?
THE DANDELION. It seems to me, that we are recalling. Let's recollect.

They recall.

What are you recalling?
THE DANDELION. I think, I'm recalling you.
THE KITTEN. How nice it is! And what am I like?
THE DANDELION. You are young in my recollections.
THE KITTEN. And you know, I'm recalling you. And you are young too. How nice it is! Well, let's recall something else. It is not very interesting - you recall only me, you look at me... Try to recall something else.
THE DANDELION. What should I?
THE KITTEN. Try to recall, how we admired the Moon.
THE DANDELION. Oh, I recall it.
THE KITTEN. And that's all?
THE DANDELION. I think it is.
THE KITTEN. I know what we shall do. But it's difficult.
THE KITTEN. We'll dream.
THE KITTEN. It means to speak about something, that will never happen.
THE KITTEN. Little Carp taught me to dream. Well... So, when I become The Goldfish...!
THE DANDELION. Do you want to become The Goldfish?
THE KITTEN. Of course, not. Little Carp does. And I only dream. Listen... When I become a Goldfish again... and I get golden fins!
THE DANDELION. Will you get golden fins?
THE KITTEN. Well, not. Little Carp will. Don't interrupt. When I get golden fins...!
THE KITTEN. That's all. Little Carp would tell nothing more. And now it's your turn.
THE DANDELION. Well, I'll try... So ... When I become The Goldfish again...!
THE DANDELION. When I get golden fins!
THE KITTEN. Well? What else?
THE DANDELION. But you didn't teach me anything else!
THE KITTEN. Oh! How I wish I could learn what will happen to these fins. I think we aren't good at dreaming.
THE DANDELION. Let's peep into the future.
THE KITTEN. Let's, but what is the future?
THE DANDELION. That's something that will certainly happen.
THE KITTEN. Well, let's try...

They peep into the future.

THE DANDELION. Ooh, it is wonderful!
THE KITTEN. It's wonderful! Now, you'll try to learn what's in store for me, and I'll do it for you.

They peep into the future of each other.

Your future seems better than mine.
THE DANDELION. Do you like it? So I give it to you.
THE KITTEN. So do I! I give it to you.
THE DANDELION. What do you want to give me?
THE KITTEN. Everything!
THE DANDELION. I give you everything too!
THE KITTEN. Hurrah! You've given to me, and I give to you! I wish Little Carp could hear our words. He's fond of giving too. Let's give him something.
THE DANDELION. Well, what?
THE KITTEN. We'll give him everything too. Well... He doesn't need everything. He wants his fins. Let's give him the fins .
THE DANDELION. Well, let's.
THE KITTEN. Little Carp, we give you golden fins.
THE DANDELION. And we give Moth his wings.
THE KITTEN. Little Carp!
THE KITTEN. I think, they can't hear our words. They're sleeping. Let's call them!
THE DANDELION and THE KITTEN. Moth! Little Carp!

The Moth and The Little Carp.

THE KITTEN. Moth and Little Carp! Listen, we give you your fins and wings.
THE MOTH. I'm so happy.
THE LITTLE CARP. Well... You say... How could it be! I'll get my golden fins again!
THE MOTH. It seems to me... new wings?!
THE LITTLE CARP. Moth, wake up!
THE MOTH. Wake up, Little Carp!
THE MOTH. My wings!
THE KITTEN. So, we've made them a present! Let's give something to somebody else.
THE LITTLE CARP. Why... But where are my fins?
THE MOTH. And what about wings? Give me them!
THE KITTEN. But should one give anything, while making a present?
THE LITTLE CARP. Oh, look at him!
THE KITTEN. But we can't do it yet. We can only make presents.
THE MOTH. How would you like it! Well, Little Carp, listen to what they are talking about!
THE LITTLE CARP. Well, Moth! They seem to be deceiving us!
THE MOTH. I was just flying over the thistles... in my dream, of course...
THE MOTH. And I was woke up?
THE LITTLE CARP. I don't know how to put it... They promised to give me the fins...
THE MOTH. Oh, I was awaken at the same moment - they promised to give me my wings...
THE KITTEN and THE DANDELION. Who promised that?
THE MOTH. There are two know-it-alls. Am I right, Little Carp?
THE DANDELION. Well, Kitten, we happen to be these know-it-alls, we promised...
THE KITTEN. How could it be? I don't know how to promise. I did it accidentally! Please forgive me!
THE DANDELION. Forgive me too! Please!
THE LITTLE CARP. Well, we'll forgive you, but...
THE MOTH. It can't be helped - one should keep his promise.
THE KITTEN. But I... We can't keep promise!
THE MOTH. So you should learn!
THE LITTLE CARP. So you'll have to learn! And I'll go and see my dream up to the end. I want to know, how it ended.

He leaves.

THE MOTH. I may have time to fly over those thistles by the morning. (He leaves.)
THE KITTEN and THE DANDELION. Don't get upset about it! We'll keep our promise! Honest!
THE KITTEN. Why didn't you warn me? I wouldn't have promised then. We made a present to our own misfortune. What shall we do?
THE DANDELION. You know, I seem to know what to do. Let's... invent something!
THE KITTEN. Hurrah! Let us! But let's whisper at first.
THE DANDELION. Let's whisper!

They whisper.

THE KITTEN. It's a secret!
THE DANDELION. It's our secret!
THE KITTEN. Let's whisper a little more!
THE DANDELION. Let's whisper then.

They continue whispering.


The Smart Cat and The Fly.

THE FLY. Have a good rest, sleepy-head?
THE SMART CAT. I didn't have a wink of sleep. I was lying in wait. Do you think, it's very interesting? Give it a try!
THE FLY. What's the news?
THE SMART CAT. Bad news. I didn't have enough sleep.
THE FLY. That's a good boy. You don't have to tell everything they said. I'm sure they talked nonsense. Report on what you heard.
THE SMART CAT. I'm reporting: I didn't understand a word. I was lying in wait.
THE FLY. What for then?
THE SMART CAT. What for? We, cats, have this habit.
THE FLY. So you didn't hear a word?
THE SMART CAT. Pains me to hear it! We cats have a keen ear... But my memory...
THE FLY. Can you remember at least one word?
THE SMART CAT. Mm... We often repeat it.
THE FLY. "Promise"?
THE SMART CAT. Another one... One says, when he's lying.
THE FLY. "Honest".
THE SMART CAT. That's right. That's what they were talking about.
THE FLY. How interesting! Could you even imagine it? Such a little but harmful seed has flown here from behind these thistles!
THE SMART CAT. What are you talking about?
THE FLY. Wait, you'll see what the things will be like!
THE SMART CAT. I don't like anybody, saying contradictions. I can't understand it!
THE FLY. It's quite easy - As you sow, you shall reap.
THE SMART CAT. What shall one sow?
THE FLY. Sow the wind...
THE SMART CAT. And what shall one reap?
THE FLY. And reap the whirlwind. As you sow you shall reap!
THE SMART CAT. But why does one reap not, what he's sown?
THE FLY. Nobody knows, what grow on our ground!..
THE SMART CAT. What will grow?
THE FLY. Well, Smart Cat!..
THE SMART CAT. Oh, Fly!.. Well... We need a plan! How to save ourselves from it!
THE FLY. How nice of you to understand it! Let's think it over.

They are whispering.

THE SMART CAT. Hush! Who is coming here?

They disappear. The Old Boot and The Pot.

THE OLD BOOT. How are you?! Still rattling, aren't you?
THE POT. I am. Well, is the night over?
THE OLD BOOT. Of course, it is. And the day will certainly be over. Everything passes: morning, day, evening, night...
THE POT. It is an old custom.
THE OLD BOOT. But we shall never be worn out.
THE POT. We are inanimate objects.

The Moth and The Little Carp.

THE LITTLE CARP. I'll soon get my golden fins.
THE MOTH. And they promised to give me the wings!
THE OLD BOOT. Oh, as soon as you start dreaming of something they'll immediately interrupt you!
THE POT. They'll immediately interrupt you!
THE POT. They'll find and certainly interrupt! Certainly!
THE LITTLE CARP. Oh, Moth, if you ever could imagine, how these two old whimperers bother me!
THE MOTH. Little Carp, I'm bored to death with this lame Boot!
THE OLD BOOT. Come! Come! If you were more careful, you could notice long ago that I'm the left one!
THE POT. And I'm always right!
THE LITTLE CARP. And I'll get the fins!
THE MOTH. And I'll get the wings!
THE LITTLE CARP. I'll swim away!
THE MOTH. I'll fly away!
THE OLD BOOT. I say! We can dream better, can't we, Pot?
THE POT. We can! You can't even imagine!
THE LITTLE CARP. Well, try then and show us how you do!
THE MOTH. You can't!
THE OLD BOOT. Ah! Well... I... Mm...
THE POT (is prompting). I can dream... so...
THE OLD BOOT. Can dream so...
THE POT (is prompting). That...
THE MOTH. Is that all?
THE OLD BOOT. It is all!
THE LITTLE CARP. It is clear.
THE POT. Feel envious? Well, Boot, Tell them, how the day passes.
THE OLD BOOT. Day passes and...
THE LITTLE CARP. Stop talking! You are dreaming in the wrong way! One shouldn't dream as you do!
THE OLD BOOT. I am right!
THE MOTH. Try to dream of the most important thing.
THE OLD BOOT. That's what I'm doing: everything passes, everything goes to its end...
THE LITTLE CARP. Boot, tell me, do you have something valuable?
THE OLD BOOT. I have... My thoughts!
THE LITTLE CARP. No, the most important thing, you've got is your sole.
THE OLD BOOT. My sole!
THE MOTH. And what about you, Pot?
THE POT. My soul!
THE MOTH. No, Pot, it's your cover.
THE POT. Cover!
THE MOTH and THE LITTLE CARP. And you should dream of this!
THE POT. My Cover!
THE LITTLE CARP. Oh, my fins.
THE MOTH. My wings.
THE LITTLE CARP. I'll swim to the black sea!
THE MOTH. I'll fly to high pine-trees!
THE OLD BOOT. I can't remain on my feet!
THE POT. I'm boiling with life!
THE OLD BOOT (suddenly). Let's take the field!
EVERYBODY. The field! The field!
THE OLD BOOT. We are marching together!
EVERYBODY. Together!
THE POT. We are singing our song loudly!
EVERYBODY. Our song!
THE LITTLE CARP. We'll try to catch the sunshine!
EVERYBODY. The sunshine!
THE MOTH. We'll be jumping over the thistle!
EVERYBODY. Over the thistles!

They sing their song.

THE OLD BOOT. We are marching together!
EVERYBODY. Together!
THE POT. Go on, music!
THE LITTLE CARP. Hello, Sunshine!
EVERYBODY. Sunshine!
THE MOTH. Our beautiful dream has got the wings!
EVERYBODY. The wings!

They leave singing.
The Smart Cat and The Fly.

THE SMART CAT. How silly they are! They'll never get over the thistles!
THE FLY. The sun will set by the evening, they'll lose their way!
THE SMART CAT. They can't see anything in the darkness!
THE FLY. They can't see anything in the darkness!
THE FLY. They'll step on each others feet! They'll beat each other up! They'll quarrel!
THE SMART CAT. They'll attack each other!
THE FLY. They'll quarrel!
THE SMART CAT. They'll beat each other!
THE FLY. They'll return back. They won't get over the thistles!
THE SMART CAT. The sun will set! They'll lose their way!
THE FLY. They'll deceive themselves.
THE SMART CAT. They'll return! Quarrel! That's it!
THE FLY. They'll quarrel! This way...

They start beating each other.

THE SMART CAT. Oh' They'll tease each other!
THE FLY. They'll attack!
THE FLY. Bite one another!
THE SMART CAT. My only eye!
THE FLY. My only sixth leg!

Stop beating each other.

THE SMART CAT. Smart Cat is nice, shrewd, clever, cowardly! Calm down, take away your paw. drop your tail, hide your claws, open your eye. You can't open it! Well, purr then... Mrr... How silly they are!
THE FLY. You see now, our first plan didn't work. We thought it over for nothing!
THE SMART CAT. I see! I can't see anything! How dark it is!.. They can't see in the darkness! Neither do I now! Why did you bite me?
THE FLY. Night will soon fall. Sun will set. Still we have the time to start the quarrel between them. We should steal their friendship.
THE SMART CAT. I'm always ready to steal something.
THE FLY. Then, listen. I am small, so I'll follow Little Carp, Moth, Old Boot and Pot. I'll attack then in the darkness and make them quarrel. Their friendship is so small, that I'll be able to steal it. And you, Smart Cat, stay here with Kitten and Dandelion. They've got the large friendship.
THE SMART CAT. I'm fond of stealing large things.
THE FLY. See you then! (Disappears.)
THE SMART CAT. Off away with you! I'll get along myself! What shall I begin with? First of all, I'll attack them. I'll steal up to them and attack. But Kitten has got a keen ear, he'll hear me approaching. I'd rather try to overhear, what they are talking about. Oh, I hear something, what shall I do then? I should be clever. I'll lie to them. But they will realize that I'm lying. And I must lie so that they could believe me. What shall I tell them? Oh, I'll tell then the truth. I think I,m the first to lie like that. Well, I'll steal up to them and tell a lie. No, I'd rather attack them and tell a lie! No, it would be better to deceive them and then tell a lie! I'll steal up to them... I'll attack them... I'll tell them a lie... Mm... No, I'd rather come up to them, without stealing up. I'll come up and... tell a lie. So they won't understand, that I'm lying. Oh, what a Smart Cat I am! Fly could never even imagine this. So, I'll go. I'm already going!

The Dandelion and The Kitten, The Smart Cat.

THE SMART CAT. Hey! I'm not going to make friends with you! I'm not interest in it! It is so dull! (I shouldn't mix anything and tell them a lie, otherwise they'll understand everything). While you making plans and whispering, Little Carp and Moth has already gone to get their fins and wings. (Oh, I'm telling the truth for the first time in the whole life. I'm excited! The truth appears to tickle my nerves.) Well. While you are making plans, malicious Fly has followed them. She'll make them quarrel. And she'll steal their friendship. They've got small friendship, and it'll be easy to steal it. The Sun will set, they'll lose their way. They won't see their Happinness, as one can't see his own tail! (I seem to have told a lie. Here is my tail. What if they don't believe me?.)
THE KITTEN. Oh, Golden fins!
THE SMART CAT. They'll be lost! They'll lost their way!
THE KITTEN. Lost their way!
THE DANDELION. They'll be lost!
THE SMART CAT. Night has fallen. It has Honest!
THE DANDELION. Honest! We gave the promise!
THE SMART CAT. Sun is setting. They can't see in the darkness.
THE KITTEN. But I can!
THE SMART CAT. They'll lose their way!
THE KITTEN. But I won't lose it!
THE DANDELION. Kitten, you run after them! Find them and show them the way!
THE KITTEN. I shall! And what about you?
THE DANDELION. I'll light up your way! Kitten, you run, run without turning back!
THE KITTEN. But it means to save myself!
THE DANDELION. Kitten, you run and don't lose the time!
THE KITTEN. But it means to leave!
THE DANDELION. Good bye, Kitten! Don't turn around! Run away!

The Kitten runs away.

THE SMART CAT. I feel ill at ease! I'm going to cry! Parting words! The stolen friendship!

Night. The Kitten.

THE KITTEN. Now to turn around! I'll run! To save small friendship for the sake of large one! To run! Forward! Not to turn around! Not to leave! Not to save myself! Not to steal up! Not to deceive! To run forward! To run!.. To run... I'm tired. Not to get tired! I'm in despair. Not to be in despair! To run... Run.. I seem to be crying. Not to cry! To run.... To run...

Different voices in the darkness. Song is breaking down.

THE OLD BOOT. Together...
THE POT. Go on, music...
THE LITTLE CARP. Sunshine...
THE MOTH. Wings...

The Boot and then the others.

THE OLD BOOT. Together. Together. I'm the left boot. I'm going alone.
THE MOTH. They stopped on me.
THE LITTLE CARP. They pushed me.
THE POT. Somebody attacked me in the darkness.
THE OLD BOOT. We've lost our way!
THE POT. We didn't finish our song.
THE MOTH. Wings dropped.
THE LITTLE CARP. Sun has grown dark.
THE OLD BOOT. March together! Why should we march together, if nothing could be seen in the darkness.
THE POT. Why should we sing our song in the darkness?
THE MOTH. How could we go after sun if it's set?
THE OLD BOOT. We shouldn't... march together.
THE POT. Our song... is sung.
THE MOTH. The wings... are crumpled.
THE LITTLE CARP. The sun has set.
THE FLY. Ha-ha! What a sad end! The army is depressed! Distant victory and sad end! Ha-ha-ha!

The Kitten.

THE KITTEN. We'll march together again!
THE POT. Again!
THE KITTEN. A New sun has risen!
THE KITTEN. Our dream's got the wings!
THE MOTH. Wings!

They sing their song again.

THE KITTEN. Together!
EVERYBODY. Together!
THE KITTEN. Our song!
EVERYBODY. Our song!
THE KITTEN. Sunshine!
EVERYBODY. Sunshine!
THE FLY. I'll follow them.


THE OLD BOOT. We have come at last. Thank you, Kitten. Here they are. I can see them.
THE POT. We have come at last. Thank you, Kitten. Here they are. I can see them.
THE POT. How frightful they are! Malicious! Thorny!
THE LITTLE CARP. Listen, friends! We must get over them today! Let's forget our quarrels!
THE MOTH. Let's ask them to help us have our way. They may be kind in reality. Perhaps they only try to look frightful! It happens, I know!
THE KITTEN. Thistles!
THE LITTLE CARP. I don't think, they hear our words. They are talking. (Everybody tries to understand, what the thistles are talking about.)
THE KITTEN. But they keep silent! They can't understand our words!
THE MOTH. Another world is waiting for us there!
EVERYBODY. Another world!
THE LITTLE CARP. We'll get another way of living there!
EVERYBODY. Another way of living!
THE OLD BOOT. Let us have our way!
THE POT. Let us, please!

They listen.

THE KITTEN. They can't hear our words!
THE OLD BOOT. How quiet it is here!.. I am afraid.
THE POT. I feel cold.
THE KITTEN. Look, the light goes out. Let's go ahead!
THE LITTLE CARP. Let's gather all our strength.
THE MOTH. Gather the best we have!
THE OLD BOOT. Go ahead!

Mute scene. They attach. The Fly.

THE FLY. What are you doing! They are trying to get over. You won't get over here! I can see everything.
THE OLD BOOT. Let's go ahead!
THE FLY. What are you doing! You'll be hurt all over! You'll be wounded, you'll tear your clothes!
THE MOTH. Go ahead!
THE FLY. So, I won't disturb you. Well... I can't understand. Look back! Look, what you've left! You've got used to such a way of living. And nobody knows, what's in store for you. You, Little Carp, have used to your bog. And Moth hasn't woven his cocoon to the winter yet. And what about you, Boot and Pot. What are your reasons? Did you need anything here? You lived by yourselves. And what are your reasons? And you, Kitten turn back, your best friend maybe dying there!

Everybody stop.

THE KITTEN. Don't look back! Don't turn back! Don't doubt!
THE FLY. It's silly of you to do it. You haven't gone a half of the way yet. Yes. I can see everything. And beside, behind these thistles there are the others. They are more frightful and thorny! I warn you!
THE MOTH. The are thorny...
THE LITTLE CARP. Frightful...
THE OLD BOOT. Oh-Oh! I've hurt myself!
THE POT. I got scratched!
THE LITTLE CARP. I've caught on it.
THE MOTH. I've hurt myself.
THE FLY. Go back!
THE KITTEN. Ahead! Let's gather our strength. Just a few have left to us.
THE OLD BOOT. How do you know?
THE POT. Who told you this?
THE LITTLE CARP. Listen, Fly, would it be better for us to turn to one side a little!
THE FLY. Turn to your right.
THE OLD BOOT. It's must easier here! Let's go here!
THE FLY. You'd better go to your right a little more!
THE POT. Go here! It's not so perilously here!
THE FLY. A little more once again!
THE LITTLE CARP. It's so easy to go right here! Go here, Friends!
THE KITTEN. Go ahead!
THE MOTH. We've got out!
THE KITTEN. It's the garbage dump!
EVERYBODY. The garbage dump!
THE FLY. Ha-ha-ha! Made sure? And now fall in and march in step. Let's sing a song!
THE OLD BOOT. Together!
THE POT. Come on, music!
THE LITTLE CARP. Hello, Sunshine!
THE MOTH. Our beautiful dream has got the wings!

Damp. The Smart Cat and The Dandelion.

THE SMART CAT. I've kept watching over him for the whole night. I've been lying in wait. I haven't had a wink of sleep for several nights. It fell to my lot... But, what the results are! - He's turned grey. Not me, it's Dandelion, that's turned grey. Any will turn grey, if your best friend leaves you. How unjust it's everywhere! Everywhere! But where's Fly? What are the results? Well, let's see... Dandelion... shone their way for the whole night. How can one do everything at once? I warned him not to do it! - In vain. He shone for the whole night. And here the results! I ask you to switch off the light, when you are leaving (I'm approaching to the point, you know.) I can't look at him - he's changed a lot for these 2 days: first he was green, then yellow and now he's turned grey. I feel pity for him. How could he do that? When you leave, please... Oh, I've already warned you about it. How awful it is! But that is what I wanted, didn't I? Well, it's dangerous to tell the truth. And what if this happens to me? Could I do it? Without having a wink of sleep... He shone for the whole night... Well, I've already told you about it. Let's wait for Fly to come. Let her look at him. But it's better not to look at him at all. How awful it is! Well, it's dangerous to tell the truth... And I've told you about it too! There's nothing unknown in this world. Everything has been told. For the life of me! Well... the only thing, left for us is to live ourselves, There is nothing to add. What happens to me? - I'm telling the truth, and there's nobody to listen to it. I have to be so sophisticated. And this is my life... Oh, my life... I was born. How was I born? - They simply threw me away, and that of it? They made me home my own way. And I have.
But who won't have it? Will he? Nobody asked him or tried to persuade him. Honest! What if you try to persuade me. Nobody knows, what will come of it... I have my own way, and I can rely only on myself. I don't need to think of anybody else... They'll get along without me. What a good boy I am! They'll keep me in mind! But will they! They'll forget me immediately! As if I have never lived here. Well, I'll get along without them! I shall! There are many of us here. And there are just a few of them.
They seem to be returning. I can hear them approaching. I am leaving... But why should I hide myself?.. It's my desert, that he... He's still alive! And what if I?..


THE FLY. Well. I warned them. I was right. I flied and saw everything. He's such a delicate person. And what results! After one night of there were two of them? Or three of them? Well, Smart Cat, you've done a lot without me. What a good boy you are? I'll reward you for your devoted job. You know, there, in the ravine there is a fish head. It's for you.
THE SMART CAT. Thank you. But don't boast about yourself. Well I'm leaving... (He tries to listen.) No, I'll prefer to watch the meeting of the friends first. Perhaps, tears will fall from my eyes.
THE FLY. Well, let's watch it.

The Kitten, The Old Boot, The Pot, The Little Carp, The Moth singing.

How are you, heroes? How are you, Kitten? Where are your friend? And what about you, Little Carp, where are your fins? Moth, have you got your new wings? Ha-ha-ha! Why are you so silent? You sang your song while walking on your road: Together! Our song! Sun! Wings! Look at each other - what have you got? You are silent...
EVERYBODY. She deceived us.
THE KITTEN (to Dandelion). Are You silent? I've returned. Why do you keep silent? You lit our way the whole night. I could see our way even when my eyes got tired. But they deceived me. Do your hear me, Dandelion?
THE FLY. Certainly not, He's went deaf his sorrow.
THE DANDELION. I hear you...
THE KITTEN. Tell me something. Shout at me!
THE DANDELION. ...if you've got a brave heart...
THE DANDELION. ...if you even were born in the rubbish heap...
THE KITTEN. If you were born!
THE FLY. Don't listen to him! Close your ears! He's got mad!
THE SMART CAT. Oh, tears sprang to my eyes.
THE DANDELION. ...even if you were deceived...
THE KITTEN. We're deceived!
THE FLY. He talks nonsense!
THE DANDELION. ...if you saw your way...
THE FLY. He's dying! Dying!
THE OLD BOOT. Everything will die.
THE POT. Everything passes.
THE DANDELION. ...everything has changed around me...
THE FLY. It's our life! Ha-ha-ha.
THE DANDELION. Life... I love... Something hurts my eyes...
THE FLY. It is the light. Ha-ha-ha!
THE DANDELION. The light... I love... It hurts me...
THE FLY. It's our life! Ha-ha-ha.
THE DANDELION. Our life... I love...
THE FLY. He's died. He's fallen in battle.
THE DANDELION. How stuffy it is! Kitten please blow at me.
THE KITTEN. Wait a minute, wait... (Blows.)
THE FLY. He fell!
THE SMART CAT. He fell off!
THE OLD BOOT. He is over!
THE POT. He's worn out!

White snowstorm.

THE KITTEN. Forgive me! Do you hear me? Forgive me!
THE DANDELION'S VOICE. ...if you've got a brave heart... even if you were born in the garbage dump... if you saw your way... even if you were deceived...
THE KITTEN. I hear! I know! I've got a brave heart!
THE SMART CAT. Where are you going, Kitten?
THE FLY. Wait a minute!
THE OLD BOOT. Good-bye!
THE POT. Kitten!
THE LITTLE CARP. Don't turn back!
THE MOTH. Run away!
THE KITTEN. Come on!

Heart, together
Come on, music
Come on, Sunshine
Flying! Wether!



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